An Update from Carol: My Nipple Reconstruction

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On the 26th September, exactly a year to the date of my mastectomy I had my final nipple tattoo (2nd of two) – and it looks amazing!!

I feel I have been very fortunate with my journey. Everything seems to have gone to text book.   I was told I was a very good healer. I think this is due to a combination of reasons, genes, being physically fit, a positive attitude and the high dosage of vitamin C which my Naturopath recommend I take, once it was established I needed surgery, this is something I continue to take twice daily.

Initially any ache of pain, knee or neck, I feared being told the cancer maybe back but now as time goes on and recently having had my annual check-up my confidence has grown and this fear has subsided.

My physical activity is all back to normal, I’m back to wearing a normal sports bra (just one!!) In fact, I actually do not notice my implant anymore. It’s a great feeling to finally feel complete again.

Below is a my nipple tattoo experience in pictures. A big thanks to Megan for doing such an amazing job!

Happy Pinktober  #7 Before tatoo - #1 Reconstructed nipple - #2 Megan Dempsey in action  #4 Megan and I -  all finished - #6 Nipple after 1st tattoo  #3 Nipple after 2nd tattoo  #5 Matching Nipples