An Update from Carol

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Editors Note: This guest blog was written by Carol, one of our Hope Emerges Heroines.

Hello everyone, just a wee update as to where I am at with my new boob, June 2014.

Since my story in January, I now have my permanent silicone implant.   The operation on February 26 (5 months after my mastectomy) was very straight forward, in one day out the next, I did have a drain for a further day at home, and had a week off work.   It feels quite different to the expander, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t have much weight, and it’s firm. I had kind of got used to the expander so the change took a wee while to feel comfortable again, just like wearing in a new pair of shoes I suppose!!

I stayed away from Netball and Swimming for around 10 weeks, my surgeon said I had Iots of internal stitching to keep it in place, so I was frightened of it moving. I still double bra for exercise it gives me peace of mind. However I don’t wear a ‘argh bra’ for bed anymore, which was something I got into the habit of doing since my initial op.

The next exciting stage of my journey is the construction of my nipple, this is happening on the 10th June.