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An Update from Carol

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Editors Note: This guest blog was written by Carol, one of our Hope Emerges Heroines. Hello everyone, just a wee update as to where I am at with my new boob, June 2014. Since my story in January, I now have my permanent silicone implant.   The operation on February 26 (5 months after my mastectomy) was very straight forward, in one day out the next, I did have a drain for a further day at home, and had a week off work.   It feels quite different to the expander, it doesn’t…read more

Capturing Hope

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Editors Note: This guest blog was written by Lara Boddington, Photographer for Hope Emerges. When Nic approached me about creating a set of images to celebrate her 40th birthday and to symbolise a new beginning after the decade of challenges that she had overcome, I was moved by her story and excited to work with her and bring the idea to life. After seeing the impact of her photos and story on other women and the hope and inspiration they instilled in those facing similar trials, it was a no-brainer when…read more